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IEW Writing Classes with Eva Goldstein-Meola M.Ed provides students (and parents) with the tools needed for success in writing.  They will learn how to transform their thoughts into descriptive language, and how to share their content within an organized structure.  Whether your child(ren) are eager learners or reluctant writers, Eva’s classes will provide them with the skills needed to bring their writing abilities to the next level.   Families can choose from five different class options to best suit their educational goals for their child(ren) and personal scheduling needs.   Classes meet every other week (14 times during the year) for 90 minutes, allowing the students enough time between classes to complete their homework.  Writing is a lifelong skill …. for everyone!  Many parents have shared with Eva that they too, wished they “…had learned this when I was in school!”

In class, depending on the course/level, students will learn the techniques that will enable them to:

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Translate thoughts via “verbal rehearsal” into writing
  • Outline and summarize both fiction and non-fiction
  • Generate cohesive sentences and paragraphs
  • Create stories
  • Produce research reports  
  • Compile Bibliographies and In-Text Citations
  • Write critiques
  • Develop essays
  • Vary sentence structure
  • Use interesting vocabulary
  • Incorporate various literary devices within their writing
  • Plus – so much more!